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DailyUI Challenge

While applying for my first design gig, I wanted a way to get feedback, develop my own personal style, and pass the time between job application and dreaded rejection, and in walked my dailyUI challenges. 

It was an immensely fun and rigorous experience that forced me to show up for myself and work every single day for 100 days (Well, actually, 99. I missed the first day). I talked about the impact that it had on me as a designer and on my career last year in the Ladies That UX Atlanta 2021 Lightning Talks

Below, I've included some of my favorites. I'd prefer if many of these never saw the light of day again, but they are on my LinkedIn if you were curious, where they will remain for all eternity. Nothing you design will ever be perfect, and they will stay there to remind both you and me of that. Growth mindset. 

Product Page for a leather couch

Day 012 - Product Page

Email receipt for a Herman Miller Eames Chair

Day 017 - Email Receipt

Page with a special offer for a furniture company

Day 036 - Special Offer

Mobile application with a list of a user's favorite books

Day 044 - Favorites

Coming soon page for a fictional website

Day 048 - Coming Soon

Menu navigation for a tea company with sections for herbal teas, green teas, black teas, and oolong

Day 053 - Navigation Menu

Page for a fictitious bread store with sourdough bread options

Day 056 - Breadcrumbs

Two mobile screens for a calendar application -- one showing an overview of all agenda items that da

Day 090 - Create New

Fake web application for the Birmingham Museum showing paintings in their collection

Day 072 - Image Slider

New DailyUI homepage

Day 100 - DailyUI Homepage


I'm learning that all things need a reflection. I'm becoming a more reflective person with each passing day. I undertook one of the hotly debated trends in the UX/Product Design space currently, and I did really enjoy it. I met a lot of cool people, and, ultimately, it led me to my first manager, my first internship, my first job. 

I learned more about my personal style. I have found that I love minimalist, sleek design and I will include an image midcentury furniture whenever it makes sense. 

I learned good design is pattern, is feedback, and understanding that it will never be perfect, and that's just fine. 

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