Role: UX/UI Designer
Date: January - March 2021


The Problem

Eventure is a web application that allows users to find local and online events near them and cultivate new friendships with others who share their interests. 


The Process

Discovery (3 weeks)
Ideation (3 weeks)
Validation (2 weeks)
Competitive Analysis
Design Personas
User Stories
Affinity Mapping
"How Might We" Statement
User Flows
User Testing
Testing & Iteration


User Survey

To learn about my audience, I conducted a survey of 7 people to understand how they go about finding events that interest them. I used this time as an opportunity to uncover and explore my competitors and figure out how much they were satisfying their user base. ​

The most important questions I asked dealt with what applications they were accustomed to using, how these applications met their needs, and in what ways they could be improved. This way I uncovered more about users' needs as well as identified gaps in the market that Eventure could try to fill. 


Affinity Mapping

Based on survey results, I created an affinity map to visually categorize common themes, pain points, and successes of users' event experiences. 

eventure affinity map (3).png

Through my surveys and affinity mapping, I discovered that social engagement was most important to many users. Because of this, I decided to really emphasize social engagement with my application and give users the opportunity to expand their social network.

User Personas & User Stories


press to zoom

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For Eventure, I utilized three design personas. These three personas consist of two extreme users and one moderate user, which helped me ensure that my design could reach and be relevant to a wider audience. 

How might we reimagine finding local events so that it pushes community engagement?


User Flow

application user flow


Homepage for event application
Event page for event application
Saved events page for event application
Messages for event application


For Eventure's interface, I used black and white with small pops of color. I gravitate towards minimalist interfaces because of their high contrast and inherent accessibility, but I wanted to add more color for some playfulness.I also used sans-serif fonts for a modern and polished look and feel.

UI Kit

Headings - Montserrat

Body - Open Sans



Due to COVID-19, I was not able to test in-person outside of my family. However, I found this to be an incredibly helpful experience. Having one older parent with low vision and another parent knowing English as a second language kept me in check for accessibility issues within my design.

During testing, the most important issues that were brought to my attention were: 

First Round of User Testing: 

  • Lack of back buttons resulted in user confusion as to how to return home 

  • More clear instructions during onboarding process, unclear how to proceed

Second Round of User Testing:

  • Rearrange page hierarchy to show most interesting information first 

  • Add more elements like showing past events, calendar view, more information on others' profiles.





For future projects, I want to do a better job with user testing and use tools to get better data, especially remotely. Additionally, I would love to add more features to Eventure (particularly features geared towards social impact and community support). I also would love to create a mobile version of this application and work on the interface of this version. 

Until then, please let me know what you think. Anything and everything is sincerely appreciated. :-)