You can, and I do, argue that my first introduction to the tech industry was in my customization of my Tumblr's HTML and CSS circa 2013. More formally, thought, in 2020, after graduating from college (with a pretty cool degree in Art History, I might add), I began my move into the tech world.  I completed and received a certificate from the Georgia Tech Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp, but I quickly decided to switch into the field of design to explore my creativity and connect with others. 

When I'm not designing, chances are you can find me cooking (@mayasmunching on IG), playing with my precious 2 year old cat Lilou, or looking for my next favorite murder mystery novel (if you have any recommendations, please reach out). 

Currently, I am an Associate Product Designer at Artera. 


(aforementioned 2-year-old cat)